Our kids classes are designed to get kids active. We do this by making it fun  but effective. When a child trains with us they learn a number of fitness/life skills, these could be any of the following

  • motorskills
  • balance
  • cardiovascular improvements
  • strength and conditioning
  • discipline
  • educational aspects
  • social skills
  • mental wellbeing
  • all round fitness teaching points that can be repeatedly used in life/school/work etc.

We do kids classes on a friday. When boot camp is on the 2 classes are merged into 1 at 16.50 – 17.50, and when kids classes but when they are normal times they are ages 8-11 at 16.00 till 16.45 and then 12-15 ages are at 16.50-17.50. Boot camp is £20 for 4 fridays.

We also do youth training at a more personal level. This means your child or group of children can be in a small minority who have personal trainers at this young age. This is ideal for kids who already play sports who want to improve thier skillset in thier chosen sport, or maybe wanting to learn a new sport. For info on this contact Ben Stone (personal trainer/ youth personal trainer/kids fitness instructor) on 07540797540 to book in a nuetral slot good for both parties.